Let's Do a WebQuest



1.  To help students build background knowledge necessary to more easily read Jack London’s challenging novel, Call of the Wild

2.  To practice researching skills: sifting through pertinent and non-pertinent information
3. To practice technology using presentation skills

WebQuest Scenario:

You and your partners are competing for exhibit space in the new Jack London Call of the Wild Museum.  As partners, you will “pitch” (sell) your expertise to the museum committee.  You need to know that you will be competing with other partnerships in demonstrating your knowledge about a particular subject that connects to Jack London’s novel, The Call of the Wild. The teams that are able to sell their knowledge (facts), in the most creative and informative way, win exhibit space and a commission (prize)!


-  You will receive a task card in class that will determine what topic you will be working on for your project.  You will conduct your own research.  You must decide what's important and what other students need to learn about your topic.  MAKE A PLAN!!!!  DELEGATE!!!!

-  You will present your information during your next meeting with the museum.  You and your partners will have FIVE minutes to pitch your knowledge.
-  You will need to answer the following questions in your presentation: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY and/or HOW?

-  Your presentation format is up to you.  What is the best way to engage the other students in the learning process?  Will it be interactive?  How will you present the information?  

*****Each individual person in the group must submit, via MBC, a summary of the research that they compiled- which means, each of you in the group will write your own short summary for each article that you  personally end up using information from for your part of the presentation.  Make sure you use the correct heading for each summary.  Rule- no longer than 1/3 of the article.  You may write more than one summary per page, as long as you have a separate heading for each summary.

1.  Dog Sledding- History & Today
2.  Wolves
3.  Women in the Yukon- History & Today
4.  Iditarod
5.  Yukon geography, weather, flora, fauna
6.  Yukon Gold Rush
7  Miner's Life- History & Today    

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