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*Students are currently enrolled in the 2013 International Blogging Challenge.  This is a ten week challenge, with a new challenge presented each week.  For ten weeks, student posts will focus on the challenge content.  Students are eager to blog with other students from around the world.  Be sure to include your own URL when commenting on our blogs.  

2nd hour

Chelsea T.
Elsa V. 
Victoria G.
Cadin R. 
Sean B.  
Anna H.
Garrett M.
Gabriela L.

Sydney P.   
Jessica Rosas R.  
Nate S. 
Alison H.
Gavin B.
Noah Z.   
Benji A.
Katelyn K.   
Alysia M.
Edgar A.  
Brandon H.
Eric C.

3rd hour
Samuel C.
Brisa A.
Jennifer Q.

Jennifer M.
Emily C.
Isaak H.  
Jared G.
Rachel S.
Branden W.
Maria G.
Devin R.
Alice F.
Owen P.

Domenic O.
Jory M.

Gabe V.
Emily T.

4th hour

Sydney M.
Derek M.
Josh H.    
Mikayla S.
Hannah L. 
Hope C.
James R.
Amy Ruiz R.
Sarah L.    
Kalee D.
Kirsten N.
Olivia W.

Kirsten A.
Nate R.

Zane D.
Jeremy D. 
Keirsten R.
Laura O. R.
Sydney S.
Felix V.
Jerry G.
Skype R.


5th hour
Jewel B.
Josie K.
Emma D.
Gabriela L.
Claire P.
Elizabeth G.
Kameron R.   
Dylan G.

Seth O'. B.                      
Gustavo M.
Kailey F.                   
Cam M.                  

Graham C.
Anna G.
Marissa B.
Austin T.  
Brandi S.


6th hour               
Brooklyn H.                         
Kevin S.   
Jarred H.  
Brenna S.  
Corbin S.
Rodney S.  
Kris R.
Kayla L.
Brandon H.
Aaron M.
Zach T.
Sandra Baca R.
Ashley D.  
Hattie M.
Andrew J.
Jennifer P. 
Cristina O. 
Aubrey B.

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