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Check out our Kizoa slideshow by: Brenna, Jared, and Aaron

Check out our slideshow:  Derrick, Zane, Hope, Brandi


Check out our Prezi by:  Elsa, Brandon, Jessica

Check out our slideshow and YouTube Video by:  Jennifer, Troy, Maria, and Jennifer




Check out our video by:  Seth, Dylan, Graham, and Chris


  1. April 11

    To- Marias Group

    I liked the video and I learned that dogs are ordered due to personality

  2. 4/11/13
    I liked how the the dog in the video looked funny while he was running and the video had humor...

  3. I like the video about dog sledding, I wonder how you got all of your information

  4. April 11,2013
    Maria, Jennifer,jenni, and Troy.

    I liked how they added a video at the end. I wonder if you could have added more information and pictures.

  5. Jennifer, Troy, Maria, and Jennifer

    I wonder why you had people from Sweden and other places in the Yukon Dog Sledding presentation. Do people from other places participate in Yukon dog sledding.

    1. We couldn't find a video of dog sledding in Yukon and people from other places do participate in the Yukon Quest.

  6. Jennifer, Troy, Maria, and Jennifer

    I like the video and how it explained the process of dog sledding.

  7. April 11 Marias group.
    I liked the video with the dog when the dog had a long tung. I also liked how you told about the what the dogs do.

  8. Elsa, Brandon, Jessica
    I liked the Prezi a alot I think it was very colorful.
    I wonder if the words could be a different color or
    change the picture.

    1. Thank You Anna, I know they could be different, but I could read them. I didn't know it would be hard for you guys to read it. Sorry for that.

  9. Elsa,Jessica,Brandon 4/16/13
    I liked how you told how fast the dogs could run.
    I learned that when the dogs gets lost they can be hunted by other people of animals.

  10. Elsa, Brandon, Jessica 4-15
    I liked the info about dog sledding
    I liked the pictures with the dogs.

  11. Elsa, Brandon, Jessica. I like how you talked about the dogs and what they do. I wonder why you guys did dog sled. I wonder how many people enter the dog sled every year.

    1. Thank Eric for your comment, I have actually never did dog sled.

  12. Elsa, jessica, brandon

    I liked how you used the slide show, and I wonder what you used to make that type of slide show.

  13. Elsa,Brandon,Jessica

    I like how you made that presentation. I wonder if the sledders have to have a license to do this.

  14. Elsa, Brandon, Jessica.
    I learned why dog sledding is important. I liked the information they had.

  15. Elsa,Brandon,Jessica-I liked the prezi. I like the facts you had to

  16. Jennifer, Troy, Maria, and Jennifer:

    I really really like all the information you came up with. Some of it, I didn't know about!! :P

  17. Elsa, Brandon, Jessica
    April 15, 2013
    I liked how they did a Prezi. I wonder why they didn't first try to see if everyone could read it before they had to present?

  18. Elsa, Jessica, and Brandon 4/15/13

    I like that they had questions at the end.
    I wonder how you made the thing link.
    What if the sled came off the dog?

  19. April 15/2013
    i wonder if they could change the color of the words on Jessica slide
    I like the facts and pictures

  20. Elsa, Brandon, Jessica
    I like: The information about the sled race.
    I wonder if it could be a little bite longer.

  21. Elsa, Brandon, and Jessica
    Like information that was given

  22. Elsa,Jessica and Brandon
    I like how you guys put the information on like how fast they run. And that the people do give the dogs clothes to wear so they aren't cold.

  23. Zane, Derek, Hope, and Brandy.
    I like how you guys did the power point.
    What if you made it longer?

  24. Brandi,Zane, Hope, Derek
    I like how they involved a quiz in the presentation.

  25. Derrick, Zane, Hope, Brandi

    I like how you guys put the questions on there!

  26. Derek, Hope, Zane, Brandi

    I like how you asked questions at the end.
    I wonder how long it took you to make the presentation.

  27. Derrick, Zane, Hope, Brandi

    I liked how your presentation had a quiz at the end

  28. Derek, Zana, Hope, Brandi: April 15, 2013

    I liked how you had the quiz at the end because it taught me a lot more. It summarized up everything for me.

  29. Zane, Hope, Brandi, Derek
    I like the questions, and whoever won, got a prize. I wonder if you could have been more prepared for the presentation.

  30. Zaine, Derek, Hope, Brandi
    I liked the quiz and who ever had the most points won.

  31. Hope,Brandi,Derek,Zaine
    I like the quiz you guys made it had good questions.I learned information about the sleds.

  32. April 15, 2013
    Derek, Zane, Brandi, and Hope
    I liked how you had a quiz to get people involved. What if you had created an online quiz so everyone could enter and have a chance to answer and get them right, not just the first people to answer? How might you have better prepared for and handled a tie for the quiz?

  33. Derrek ,Zane ,Hope, and Brandi I really liked how you guys had a quiz and liked the presentation

  34. Derek,Hope,Brandi,Zane
    I liked the quiz you made it sped up the listening time. I also liked how it was interactive.

  35. Derek, Zane, Hope, Brandi
    I like how you had a quiz at the end. What if it was creative and colorful? Why didn't Hope have a slide show? Nice presentation.

  36. I like how they made a website. I like how they gave us a quiz

  37. Graham, Seth, Kris, and Dylan


    I liked that you had a video of the dogs. I wonder if it would have been better if it was better timed.

  38. Seth, Dylan, Graham, and Chris April 15,2013
    I like the video you put in.
    I wonder why the slides were so long.

  39. Kris, Seth, Graham, Dillon. 4-15-13

    I like the video. I wonder only 2 pictures.

  40. Kris, Graham, Seth, Dylan- I liked that... informative... video. I was wondering what was up with the frame-rate, then I realized it was a screen recording. LOL.

  41. Seth, Dylan, Graham, and Chris: I think you did a good job, but why couldn't you make the imovie so that you could read the whole thing?

  42. Chris, Dylan, Seth, and Gram
    I wondered if they could have made the video longer.

  43. Seth, Dylan, Graham, and Chris
    I Liked how they had lots of info.
    I wonder why they didn't have music?

  44. Brenna, Aaron and Jarred

    I like how you could answer the questions the people asked at the end and how there was a lot a facts

    What if you could read the slide show without stopping it

  45. Aaron,Jared,Brena
    I like that they did something knew.I wonder how long it took to make?

  46. Brenna's group,
    I wonder if maybe you could have not used that program. I liked how you added how many dogs can race.

  47. Brenna,Aaron,Jarred

    I like that they answered good questions and they had good information.

    I wonder why they didn't have an interactive thing for us to do.I am so sad. :(

  48. Brenna, Aaron, Jared

    I learned that it takes 9-14 days to complete this quest.

    I wonder how the owners take care of their dogs during the race.

  49. Aaron,jared,brenna
    April 16.2013
    I like the presentation
    i wonder why the slides went to fast

  50. Brenna, Jared, and Aaron
    April 16, 2013
    I like how the talked laud.
    I wondered why they didn't stop the slides so that they could read them.

  51. Aaron,Jared,Brenna

    I liked-How they described the story of how the Yukon Quest was created.

    I learned-That the fastest person to ever complete the Yukon Quest completed it in 9 days 0 hours and 26 minutes.

  52. Jared Brenna, Aaron
    April 16,2013

    I like how you how you had a lot of great information.

    I wonder why the slides wouldn't automatically stop for you.

  53. Brenna, Jared, and Aaron
    April 16,2013
    I like the information you put on your slide.
    I wonder were you got your information from.

  54. Brenna, Jared, Aaron
    I liked there presentation.
    I wonder if they could have had more info.

  55. Brenna, Jared, and Aaron
    I learned that if you want to compete in this race you have to pay $1000.
    I wonder what they need on their trip, what they eat, how they travel, what they can encounter, and what is the most dangerous thing you can come across.

  56. Aaron,Jared,Brena

    I wonder if you could slow down the presentation.
    What if a racer has an accident like injured.

  57. Aaron,Jared and Brenna

    I wonder if you could slow down the presintation

    I liked that they had a slideshow that played by itself.


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