Tuesday, April 23, 2013

 What Do You Need To Survive?
Hunger, fear, injury, turmoil- it's amazing what people can endure when they must; however, there's a limit.  Every human being needs certain things to survive!

Today's Blog Post: This post will be in response to the following articles/short stories read in class thus far-

*  "Dirk the Protector"
*  Cheating Death on BlueJohn Mountain
*  Trapped on Mountain
*  Explosion in Boston

1. What do these stories have in common?  Do they share an element of Survival of the fittest?
2. What element of survival exists in all of the stories? Do they share a common conflict?
3.  Do all of these stories possess an element of Naturalistic writing even though they are true stories?  Why or why not?

***Write a brief reflection answering the above three questions.  You must cite evidence from the stories listed above in order to support your conclusions.  Write your reflections in the comment section of this post.  You must comment on at least one other student post- using at least (2) of our standard (5) starter responses.  

***You must abide by the accepted on-line discussion policy of this class.  ....."Blogging Etiquette!!"

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